Hi, welcome to gingerNut’s blog page. I’m 31 years young, dairy intolerant for 12 years, gluten intolerant for 6 years & have been self-employed for a total of 7 years.

It’s 2018 and only this year I have discovered this infinitive blogging universe, (thank you to Nathalie at Value your mind and T at Mummy Barrow.com )   

You can be assured that a gingerNut blog will not contain;

Bread and butter. 

Make up tips.

Photos of cats.

Anything Kardashian related.

Selfies of me.

Selfies of me in gym wear.

Anything on ‘fleek’.

You get my drift, I’m a generation too late for that shit.

I intend to fill the gingerNut blog page with posts somewhere in the realm of;

The foundations – Why and how did gingerNut come about.

Self-employment – The nitty gritty.

Eating out – Travelling with gluten, dairy intolerance /allergies.

Disastrous dining experiences – Cross contam-what?!

Where to source free from ingredients – That don’t cost the world.

Dealing with loss – The wonderful distraction of business, losing your mum at 22 years.

Podcasts – That have alleviated the solitude of working solo.

Being ginger – The FAQS and the mad stuff people say.

Market Trader life – The original pop up shop, (with no heating). 

 I will chuck some gingerNut own recipes on here too in the future, but for now let’s see how this blog page is received.

P.S If you’re reading this then I have managed to post my first blog, I’m currently patting myself on the back, welcome to 2018 Steph.